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With, you can now participate in the existing economy of monetizing access to your fans.

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What is currently happening?

Currently everything that anyone does on the Internet is tracked with digital markers called “cookies.” Pretty much every time anyone clicks on anything on the Internet a new cookie is dropped or an existing one is updated. This includes the link in your Instagram bio, links on your Facebook page, etc. 

These cookies are “owned” by companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram and ad exchanges. The data in these cookies is sold by the owners to ad buyers and brands so they can send targeted ads to the browsers where the cookies are. This industry is worth about $100+ billion per year. You get $0 from the gathering and sale of data from your fans that click on your links. It’s about time you started participating.

How does work?

Instead of putting a link in your Instagram bio or in a tweet, etc. to your YouTube video, or to a web site, instead you use a custom link. So for example, you simply replace the link in your bio that is:  


You can click on both the links above and see that they both go to the same place. The difference is that the link drops a cookie in the user’s browser silently on the way to YouTube. Now you are gathering your own data that we will later sell on your behalf. This is just like what Google, etc. are doing except that your data is premium, because it’s your actual fans clicking on the links and the data is gathered by you.

How many followers do I need to start making real money?

Basically you need enough followers across all your social media so that it has value to a brand or an advertiser. A minimum of 5 million is a good rule of thumb. The more the better. When you get in the 50 million range you are talking about potential revenue to you in the millions of dollars a year. 

What about putting together groups or teams and monetizing their followers?

An entire team or league or even a bunch of friends with a combined following in the millions is valuable to advertisers. The hard part is getting everyone in the group to use our smartlinks in their social media. If you can do this, then we absolutely would love to help your group monetize their combined social media following.

How do you create the custom links?

If you have ever used a link shortener like then you already know how to do it. functions the same way. Just log into your dashboard and click on Tagging and then either add or change your Dynamic Link. You’ll enter the destination that you want people to go to when they click on your link. Now copy this link and paste it in places where you had your old links. 

Where do I use my Link?

Ideally, everywhere. The more people who click on the link, the more data you are gathering. This data has value. So in your Instagram link in bio, when you tweet add it in the tweet, put it on your Facebook bio, add it to Facebook posts, etc.

What is Site Tagging and How Do I Use It?

Site tagging is code that you or you webmaster put in the header of any web sites that you control. The header functions much like the smartlinks in that it drops a cookie on every person visiting the page. So once you put the code into your header, you will be gathering data on each person who visits the site. This is data that we will sell on your behalf.

How Do I Put the Site Tags On My Website?

Whomever is in charge of building and updating your website will put the site tag code into your web site. If you are using a content management system like WordPress, they have tools that allow you to add code to the header of your site. Just copy the code from the Site Tagging area of the management page and paste it into the place where you can add code to your page header.

How Do I Make Money?

Once you start using the links on your social media pages and the site tags on your web site (if you have one), we will be building a database of your fans in our system. (You can see the statistics of these fans from your dashboard) When we have enough data, we approach media buyers and brands and offer your fan data for sale. This allows the media buyer or brands to push ads out to the web browsers of your fans. This is the economy that already exists that you were never participating in. Once we make a sale, we split the revenue after costs with you 50/50 minus a 20% brokerage fee.

What Does It Cost Me to Use DataCash?

There is no cost to you. You can create as many links as you like. We don’t make money until you make money, so we will work tirelessly to sell your audience data to bring in revenue for both of us.

How Do I Get Paid?

Every quarter we will make a deposit into your bank account based on the deals that we involved you in. You can see the details on these deals in your dashboard. If we don’t have your banking details please fill them in your profile so that we can get money to you. Each time we make a payment to you we will send you an e-mail with the payment details.

How Can I Stop Using

If at any time you want to stop using our system, simply stop using our smartlinks and remove any of our header code from your web site. To close your account and erase your audience data from our database, just select “Close Account” from the Profile page on your dashboard.