Welcome to DataCa.sh and start participating in the existing economy of monetizing your audience data

For Entertainers, Athletes, and Content Producers. 

Think of Dataca.sh as royalties for data. We help you collect the money you’re missing out on from billions of dollars spent to reach audiences that you often help attract. We help you measure and capture the portion of revenue due to you. We also put you in the drivers seat, controlling your own data assets. Sick of hearing about social networks abusing data that targets your friends and fans? With Dataca.sh they buy it directly from you, allowing you to set the terms or opt out completely. Protect your audience!

For Agencies and Media-Buyers.

We offer exclusive access to 1st-party audience segments that allows you to optimize digital ad spend, reduce redundant re-targeting, and drive up engagement.

What is Currently Happening?

Big tech companies sell audience data to brands and advertisers. When you see an ad on the internet, or on your digital TV, someone got paid to put it there. Someone else got paid to determine you are the best person for that ad to be in front of. This massive economy is worth millions of dollars per day, billions of dollars per year.

What Do We Do Differently?

We make sure some of that money from this data economy comes to you – whether you are are an Athlete, Actor, Filmmaker, Influencer, or even just a regular person. The internet was built on your data, isn’t it about time you saw some of the benefits?

Are you an influencer?

Are you someone with a large audience interested in getting paid for what you already do online?

Are you a Media-Buyer?

Are you a media buyer looking for better data?

“DataCa.sh is in the process of disrupting the $100+ billion digital advertising market by handing the power to the influencer; where it belongs.”

— Team DataCa.sh

How much does it cost?

For stars and content producers it costs nothing. In fact we pay you. For companies that want to buy better data from us (technically you’re buying directly from our users) our data is available at industry standard CPMs on most major ad exchanges.

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